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Thank you for being a friend!!!

The Bestie and I have been besties for gosh 30+ years now. We met in 2nd grade and the rest is history and when I say history, there is a lot of it. We have always had this “Golden Girls” thing going on since I would say we became adults. Her ring tone is the the Golden Girls theme songs, we are always tagging each other in Gold Girl memes, etc…We may not see each other every single day, we may not talk every single day like we used to and it sucks, but that’s life, we grew up, we have families of our own now, we work. But here is the thing, if something is wrong, one of us is upset(Usually me, because I am usually the emotional one of this duo, lol), or there is something to celebrate, we are both right there for each other. She tagged me in something last night that said ” I hit the best friend jackpot for sure” that saying goes both ways. And I just want to say I love you and thank you for being a friend, a forever friend!!!!!

Published by mrsrevis333

I am a wife, a mother of 2, one of which we recently adopted, a clinical triage nurse. But mainly I am me, crazy, goofy, weird(not in a creepy way, LOL), likes to laugh a lot and embarrass her kids, loves to hang out with family and friends. And enjoy life.

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