Thought of the day.

So today my sister called me and asked if I could stop at the Family Dollar store near my house to pick something she needed…sure, she tells me what she needs, I proceeded to go to the store. I pull into the parking lot and I see the store manager coming out and locking the door behind her. So, I am pretty sure I mentioned this before, but if not, I live in a very small town, everyone knows everyone. So I roll my window down and asked if she is closed for the day because where I parked I am not close to the door but can see that there is a sign on the door but couldn’t read it from where I was parked. So, she proceeds to tell me no I am so short staffed and hungry I need to run and grab something to eat, ok I get, but coming from working retail for quite sometime, you can’t really just shut your store down in the middle of the day because you are hungry especially when there is a Domino’s and a grocery store in the same parking lot as yours. But whatever, you do you buddy. So getting to my thought of the day, she says I will be back in like 20 minutes, so no big I will just wait and play Diner Dash on my phone. While she is gone, I watched 6 different people walk up to the door and try to get in. Most of these people seen the sign, wasn’t too happy but walked away, the rest of them knowing that not only both of the doors are locked and there is a sign on the door, continue to tug on the door, or bang on the door. It’s not going to magical open for you…So just chill, she was back in 15 minutes.

Published by mrsrevis333

I am a wife, a mother of 2, one of which we recently adopted, a clinical triage nurse. But mainly I am me, crazy, goofy, weird(not in a creepy way, LOL), likes to laugh a lot and embarrass her kids, loves to hang out with family and friends. And enjoy life.

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