Sports Parent

Being a sports parent can be excited, fun, and very exhausting. Both baby E and baby J both play sports. Baby E is playing volleyball and soccer and baby J is playing soccer and basketball. Which their schedules were working out just fine, that is until two days ago. Baby E cheered 3-4 years ago and while she had fun with it, it was a lot of hard work, especially the closer we got to competition. Baby E finished the season out, her squad took first place overall and she was excited but told Revis and I that she didn’t want to cheer again. Which we were ok with that but told her she had to do something, so she stuck with soccer, great it will keep her active. So her cheer coach is also friends of ours, we live in a little “Mayberry” town where everyone knows everyone and the cheer coach’s daughter and baby E are in the same grade and have been in the same class since pre-school. So, coach has been trying to talk baby E into cheering again and baby E has always told her “no thanks”. So on Monday, I hear my “The Jetsons” text message tone on my phone go off and it is the cheer coach, saying she would like to try one last time to see if baby E wants to cheer because practice started that night. So I called baby E in and told her coach would like to ask one last time if you want to cheer and told her that this had to be her decision, if she wanted to cheer it had to be because she wanted to do it, not because coach was asking, or her cousin and other friends were cheering. So baby E thought about it, looked at me and asked if she can still do volleyball since we are in the middle of the season, I said yes and now we are cheering. I don’t sleep well as it is, so it is going to be exhausting for both baby E and I as Revis work schedule will have him missing games, but at least he can help with practices and I will make sure to take lots of pictures and videos so he is not completely missing out.

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I am a wife, a mother of 2, one of which we recently adopted, a clinical triage nurse. But mainly I am me, crazy, goofy, weird(not in a creepy way, LOL), likes to laugh a lot and embarrass her kids, loves to hang out with family and friends. And enjoy life.

One thought on “Sports Parent

  1. As your best friend I love you. I love this blog and super proud of you my friend. And as a sports mom I totally get it Baby S starts football today for high school.


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