How we became adoptive parents

So as I mentioned before, Revis and I have been together for 19ish years and married for 12 years. We started trying to have kids, I would say probably about a year or so before we got married and struggled for years. We got married in June of 2009 and continued to try to get pregnant with no luck. Side note- for those who are struggling to get pregnant, don’t let family or friends get in your head by telling you it just takes time or you’re trying to hard, that is not helpful advice for anyone, especially when it is coming from someone who already has children. Anyway, we were both tested, but I just needed a little help and was put on a medication called Clomid, which my doctor went over the side effects of it and one was mood swings and that side effect is very true, just ask Revis, lol. Anyway, tried the medication for awhile, still nothing and it seemed as if everyone around us was getting pregnant and having babies and we were starting to get discouraged. So, I decided the medication was not helping, lets just stop it and see what happens, still nothing. Then in September of 2011, I got let go from my job and told Revis that this will be the time will we get pregnant and sure enough in October I decided to take a test sure that it would be negative and it wasn’t for the first time we finally had a positive test. Not wanting to jinx anything, I made an doctor’s appointment for the next day and is was confirmed I was indeed pregnant…YAY!!!! Baby E was born in July 2012 and we were beyond blessed, not to mention I gave my mother in law her first granddaughter!!!! Fast forward 2 years, we are in love with being parents and decide to try again. Since I had trouble the first time my doctor went ahead and started me back on the Clomid, this time we got pregnant a little quicker than the first time, took the test, it came back positive and literally 12 hours later I miscarried. Devastated, we didn’t know what to do, try again and risk the possibility of another miscarriage or just stop trying. Revis and I decided that we would keep trying. However my issues were becoming worse and was told by my doctor that I would not be able to get pregnant again and is was ultimately decided that a hysterectomy would be what I needed to control my worsening issues . It was a hard pill to swallow, I cried, even though I was blessed with having baby E, it still hurt but after the initial shock of hearing those words I was managing with it. We were truly blessed to have baby E…My brother in law who by the way also blogs Twindaddy started seeing someone and he wanted us to meet her, so they had stopped by our house one day to introduce us to his significant other she will go by Princess A. I had already had my hysterotomy at this point and with her comes Baby J, Princess A was her current foster mom. At that moment, I knew Baby J was meant to be our daughter. So Revis and I sat down and discussed it and also talked with Princess A to see if it was even a possibility to adopt her because they love in a different state and there was a possibility but we had to become foster parents before anything. So we went through the classes and officially became foster parents. At this point it was looking like the judge was going to give bio mom yet another chance because the court system and DCS is all about bio family first. Finally in October of 2019 the judge had switched the plan to adoption and we were to able to start transitioning with her which meant that we would get her every other weekend and in December of 2019 the judge gave us an early Christmas gift, she moved in permanently!!! We stepped right into the teenage years and baby E was beyond excited to have a sister. Baby J on the other hand was not as thrilled as we were. But that is another story. After all the hard work(believe me, it was definitely was not a walk in the park, nor did I think it would be, but I did think it might be just a little bit easier since we knew baby J) Revis, our family, and myself had put in to have baby J part of our family, we finally received an adoption date and after 1,280 days in the system baby J officially became our daughter!!!!!!

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I am a wife, a mother of 2, one of which we recently adopted, a clinical triage nurse. But mainly I am me, crazy, goofy, weird(not in a creepy way, LOL), likes to laugh a lot and embarrass her kids, loves to hang out with family and friends. And enjoy life.

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