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My name is Mrs. Revis, I decided to start a blog mainly because my brain won’t turn off and I figured why not try to put my thoughts to words and maybe it will help and someone else. I am strong, Independent woman who has been knocked down in life but has always got back up. I am a wife to the most amazing man of 12 years, mother of 2 crazy, beautiful children, one who we recently adopted. I am also work clinical triage for one the the hospitals in my area. So welcome, this is a judgement free blog, any negativity can be checked at the door.

A mother gone

I lost my mother on 05/16/2007, she was 44, would have been 45 in July. She had a heart attack, it was devastating. My little sister had gotten to our house as the paramedics were bring her out and my sister knew she was gone, I on they other was at work when I gotContinue reading “A mother gone”

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